Morocco Imperial City

Among the imperial cities of Morocco are Fez, Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat. They are called so for the fact that they were capitals in reign some time starting with the idrissid dynasty in 9th century up till now with the Alaouite Dynasty. 1 week in Morocco is mostly enough to explore Morocco Imperial cities tour:
Imperial City


It has always been said that once you set foot in Fez” smile, you are in Fes”. The city of Fez has been founded by Idriss II, the successor of Idriss I who established the center of reign near the Roman Empire of Volubilis around the 7th century, but could not find enough space as his village Moulay Idriss Zerhounis a small mountain village, and with the lack of water resources, Idriss II sought the idea of moving to the Saisfertile land for a much larger space and for the fact of not lacking water.

A guided visit of the medina of Fes is your best option, for that you should be prepared to be lost in its alleyways, but don’t worry since that you will be accompanied by an official guide during your visit. It is worthy to explore the following sites & monuments:

Chouara tannerythe Medina( Fes el-Bali)Kairaouine University( the 1st established in the world, by Fatima el-Fihria)Medresa Bou InaniaMedresa el-AttarineMerinid Tombs panoramic view, and Nejjarine Musuem of Wooden Arts.

Imperial City


Meknes city was founded by Moulay ar-Rachid, and then his successor Sultan Moulay Ismail made it as the capital of reign during the reign of Alaouite Dynasty. The Sultan’s strategy to keep reigning for almost 52 years was by making sure of protecting the whole city. In so doing, he has built nearly 44km of fortified walls to keep rebellions out of medina, and then built a big water basin (Sahrij Souani) as his enemies would cut his water sources.

The most historical places to visit in Meknes are: Place el-Hedim( the heart of the Medina), Bab Mansour GateSahrij Souani water basinMausoleum Moulay IsmailDar Jamai, and the mystical underground Qara prison.

Imperial City


The city of Rabat played a crucial role in trading during Phoenician, Roman, Merinid, and Almohads’ times, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded by the arrival of Almohads in the 12th century by Abdel al-Mumin. Rabat, for now, is considered the administrative capital of Morocco; its Andalusian & Islamic influenced style of building will amaze you. The architecture is another aspect that will make you dazzled and its palm-grooved boulevards. During your visit, you may be interested in the following sights of Rabat:

CellahKasbah des OudaiasBab Oudaia GateTour Hassan, and Mohammed V Mausoleum are among the main places that are worthy visting during you visit to Rabat.

Imperial City


In 1060s, the Berber originated Almoravid Dynasty established themselves in Marrakech to conquer over South to Northern Morocco and Southern Spain. This imperial city has always been mystical for preserving architectural monuments and lifestyle.